capturing a legacy

I created the Remember Me Journal because COVID is now living amongst us reminding us just how precious life is - taking no prisoners. This journal is not meant to be a resume and or obituary, but what an individual wants to be remembered for. They can take charge to determine what aspects of their life are the most important to pass down to generations to come.

Caregivers can read the questions and write the answers for the person being cared for. Middle aged and older can write for themselves. There are so many unique and interesting stories in a seniors' lives that is dying with them. Take charge with intentionality and allow them to leave their own legacy. Leave what they really want to be remembered for. Go in order, or jump to certain prompts that intrigue you. Answer one question in a sitting, or find a relaxing place to answer even more! There is no right or wrong way to fill out your Remember Me Journal.

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